The Horses

So, I thought I would make a page especially for my horses - the real and non-breathing variety. You may have noticed, I have quite the passion for model horses, a hobby which is not nearly as one-dimensional as often assumed by those non-enthusiasts!

Model horses can be made from varying materials, from plastic and china to resin. Many can go for really high prices - recently, a resin by a renowned artist sold for nearly $8,000 USD, and the company "Breyer" sold a one-of-a-kind plastic andalusian for $13,000 USD in 2008. But their value is not in price, rather the realism and attention to detail. Artists strive to make their horses as realistic as possible and many in the current day appear as though they could just walk right off the shelf! Owning and collecting these horses is a huge adventure and the hobby is significant in America and growing rapidly in Australia every year. (The picture to the left was photoshopped by myself, and you'll find the horse is, in fact, a model!)

As for the real horses, I own three amusing, gorgeous geldings who have big personalities. George is our resident Quarter Horse with many famous bloodlines and big, deep muscles that the breed is renowned for. Despite his tough exterior, he is a sook at heart and doesn't mind the occasional cuddle :)

Bj (right) is the Quarab and quite possibly the fattest horse you'll ever meet! His belly grows just smelling the grass and the Arabian blood in him is always eager to come out and play, sometimes prancing across the paddock with his tail high. He's friendly - when he wants something - and just a few minutes in his company will give you a belly full of laughs.

Middy is the Miniature Pony, but don't let his size kid you - his big attitude makes up for what he lacks in height! He can rear on command, or just to annoy you, but his big sweet eyes are pretty irrisitible if you're a horse person :)