Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Very Faery Face-Off!

So you all know about Julie Kagawa's amazing debut novel, The Iron King, yes? No?

THIS is what I'm talking about;

(Review coming soon!).

But today, more specifically, I'm talking about who rather than what...

Julie Kagawa is hosting a face-off between Team Ash and Team Puck! Do you prefer the dark, brooding prince of winter who really isn't as cold as he seems? (Of course you do!).

Whatever way you sway, head on over to Julie's blog right HERE to get all the details from one lovable Grimalkin (a cat with real spunk!). There are also team captain blogs...if you're team Ash, check out Ticket To Anywhere and The Book Cellar. If by some delusional chance you prefer Team Puck (*waves Ash's flag in earnest*) then head on over to Word for Teens and Page Turners

Team Ash!!!! :) (I thought I'd also include the AWESOME badge below from Ticket To Anywhere's blog...check it out!)

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