Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Check out Jennifer Laurens's Book Trailers!

I wanted to share Jennifer Laurens's Book Trailers for her novels, "Heavenly" and "Pentinence". Now, they've been on my To-Be-Bought list for a while now because they're angel/romance themed and...well, I'm a sucker for that :-P


And here's some details on the books at Goodreads!

Click HERE to find out more about "Heavenly" and HERE to find out about "Pentinence"! :-)

Emma :)


Kate said...

Hey there! I love your header. This contest is really fun! Help me out by commenting on my post too!


jenniferlaurens said...

Emma! You've got a copy of Heavenly put aside with your name on it. Email me at jennlaurens@yahoo.com with your mailing addy!