Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coops Cover Craves

Let's jump right in this week with some newly released book covers, debut authors and just plain FUNKY cover art!

The Thirteenth Chime - Emma Michaels
Release Date; Friday the 13th of August 2010 (creepy, huh?)
Read about it on Goodreads HERE and take a peek at Emma's blog HERE.
This cover is beautiful and hypnotic and struck me straight away when I first saw it a few days ago! I have an obsession with eyes (particularly human and horse eyes) so this immediately appealed. The shadowing and the subtle hint of sparkles are fabulous, as well as the epic irises. I'm definitely looking forward to having a cover like this in my book collection! Watch out for Emma Michaels - debut author with a fab first cover art coming right up! :-)

The Lost Saint - Bree Despain
Release Date; December 28th 2010
Read about it on Goodreads HERE and visit Bree HERE.
Bree Despain recently revealed the cover art for the highly anticipated sequel to The Dark Divine. I love it - it matches the first cover perfectly, but still brings a new, fresh twist to the series. I love the colours and, like I say most of the time, can't wait to have it on my shelves! You can also see a hilarious blooper cover made by her editor, Greg Ferguson on her blog post about it right HERE.

Industrial Magic - Kelley Armstrong
Available NOW!
Read about it on Goodreads HERE.
I'll admit to knowing nothing about this book. Zip. Nada. Nothing. BUT...I saw this cover and thought it was amazing. Seriously. How creative?! I've never seen anything like it! Now THAT is artwork! I'm going to find out alll about this book now, thanks to this super awesome cover. It's very Alice-In-Wonderland-Esque...for some reason I cannot name. Beautiful - such an innovatice use of black and white!

That's my three for this week! :-)


Marg said...

I would never have picked that as a cover for Industrial Magic. It looks good but tells you absolutely nothing about the book, which is actually the 3rd or 4th book (I think) in an urban fantasy series featuring werewolves, witches, warlocks etc etc

Nomes (inkcrush) said...

that kelley armstrong one is a bit trippy. lol @ calling it alice in wonderland-esque :)