Thursday, August 5, 2010

Coops Cover Craves and a Notice...

Hi guys! Just before we dive right into the fab covers for this week, I just want to let youy know I won't be posting next week and will be, for all intents and purposes, unreachable! I'm going to the snow - WHOOT! So I'll be busy skiing for a week instead of blogging, haha, but you will hear about the trip when I get back! :) So don't stress if you don't hear from me :-D I am also waaaaayyyyy behind on emails, so if you haven't heard from me, thats why! I will try and get caught up before I go/when I get back. We shall see!

And moving right along...
Echoes by Melinda Metz
Available NOW!
Read about it on Goodreads HERE.
I love the expression in this one, and also the way her hair drifts across her face, It's very arty and emotive and I quite like the misty background behind the text. I'll admit to knowing nothing about this book other than its beautiful cover! (It's becoming a trend lately!).

The Julian Game by Adele Griffin
Release Date; August 26th 2010
Read about it on Goodreads HERE.
This is super cool! I think its the colours, LOL. The blue hair (blue hair is awesome!), green gloves and that checkered background totally sucked me in! I also love that the text basically conceals her identity. Very cool :-)

Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare
Release date; August 31st 2010
Read about it on Goodreads HERE.
I love Cassandra Clare's covers! I believe the same designer did Lisa Desrocher's Personal Demons and that will be coming up in another Coops Cover Craves! This particular cover is moody and I love the whole suit and top-hate ensemble he's got going :) Awesomeness, I say!


Nomes said...

cassandra clare has the best covers :)

I love the Julian Game too. I want to read it based on the cover alone.

have fun in the the snow.


Chutzpah said...

So many interesting books coming out this month...I think I'm just going to have to start a book-buying savings account.