Friday, October 22, 2010

The Tail End

A new feature! The Tail End will be my weekly wrap up post, where I tell you about books I haven't had a chance to review (*coughcouldn'tbebotheredjustyetcough*) and any other happenings!

This week I got...Crescendo, by Becca Fitzpatrick! WHOOO HOOO!

No one died in my pursuit to get this book...and I'm totally loving it! It's cover is all shiny and sheeny...just like the first paperback - Squee! Now I just need a signed copy of this to complete my collection... :-)

I picked up Personal Demons for, I thought, a bargain of $12! I had yet to see it in Australia, but was super lucky to find it in Borders ($18) and then Kmart ($12). Can't wait to read this one...but finishing Crescendo first :)

I also finished reading the first two books in Gena Showalter's teen series, "Intertwined" and "Unravelled". A HUGE 5 out of 5 horses for this series - absolutely amazing. I loved the writing, I loved the concept...and man, I really, really loved Riley! I mean, I hope he and Mary Ann work out...but dang, if they don't, I call dibbs :-P
Can't wait for "Twisted". Raving review to come, eventually!

Paranormalcy was knocked off my to-read list just a few days ago, too. A really cool novel, 4 out of 5 horses! It was absolutely charming, even though Reth was a total fruit loop, and Evie and Tasey were a real kick ass team! Oh yeah, and Lend. Lend was pretty dang cute, too :-)

And, I snagged Hilary Duff's new novel, "Elixir" to try out. It's been a bit of a controversial book amongst bloggers with talk of a ghostwriter and celebrities having it "too easy". On the other hand, celebrities open up the market for more book publishing. So many different views! Either way, I'll be giving this one a go and will, hopefully, have a positive review! (I spent $12 hard earned bucks, LOL!).

Off to get cracking on that to be read pile...I have more than 20 books sitting there! :-)

~ Coops

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Maidenveil said...

emma_kate! I'm back for a while! yeah, Patch's exposure fell kind of short in Crescendo, and I almost want to punch Nora to her senses. lol! We need to have a signed copy of this one! :D

Loved Paranormalcy too! I still can't get over, "Tasey! Pink and sparkly!" lol!

I need to get my hands on Intertwined then.

Cheers! :)