Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coops Cover Craves!

This is what I'm loving this week...

Release Date; July 12 2011
Wow. I'm really torn between this recently revealed cover and that of "Nightshade", a pretty impressive feat! The creative genius behind these covers sure knows how to get a reader's attention. Simple gorgeous!

Release Date; May 8th 2011
Sticking with the mystical theme we have going tonight is this cover! I absolutely adore it...water can be so beautiful when portrayed in the right way and day-um, that flower really tops it off. A very stunning cover!

Release Date; July 4th 2011
Another enchanting cover! This story sounds intriguing, and the cover is beautiful. A very well done mermaid cover that captures all the beauty of the sea.

Up tomorrow, the Tail End! Oh yeah, and a review ;-)

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