Monday, November 1, 2010

The Tail End

Well, here's whats been cracking this week! ^ And thats my baby Sparkle at a show yesterday, isn't she cute! She's not that fat, I swear, LOL!

You may have noticed the crickets chirping awkwardly when Thursday came and went...and no Coops Cover Craves appeared. Not even the Tail End made its usual appearance on the Friday...

Well, that was because in every spare minute I had (which incidently was not a lot this week) I was held captive by Across the Universe by Beth Revis! I was so lucky to snag myself my very first ARC in a contest by Between The Lines (Penguin Australia's online teen blog). I have just finished it...and it was absolutely spectacular!! A review will be coming shortly!

Oh and its cover is's a peek for ya ;)

And here's its Goodreads page HERE. Definitely an upcoming release to be excited about!

In other news, I bought Personal Demons for only $12 at the local Kmart! Fantastic novel! Review coming for this one shortly, too.

Australia has also finally released Nightshade by Andrea Cremer - woo hoo! Big W currently has the paperback in stock...but I'm torn. I like the original cover better. Which one to get - the hardback from the Book Depository (which, rumour has it, is sparkly!) or the paperback? The hardback cover is the one on the top and the paperpack on the bottom.

Oh and I totally nicked a Vampire Diaries poster from my hair dresser's magazine :-P

Anywho, off to keep editting my novel and write some reviews! I hope you guys had a prosperous week, also!

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Nomes said...

your horse is so beautiful :)

i like the hardcover cover of Nightshade better :) but i prefer reading paperback... I didn't know it was out here - I'll have to hunt it down.