Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Great Faery Face-Off; Half Time!

Julie Kagawa's great Faery Face-Off between Puck and Ash is at half time!! And so far, Ash is in the lead! But don't hold your breath...there is still a chance for Puck so what WE need to do is get all of you who haven't voted over to Julie Kagawa's blog where you can vote for Ash! :)

If you haven't read Julie's debut book, The Iron King, then you should A. Pick it up - immediately, and B. Go and vote for Ash anyway (I assure you all I have excellent taste in guys! And if you read the book and think otherwise, I bet you I can change your entire perspective in about 5 minutes ;)).

So bottom line is - vote for Ash! :) (I'm also going to try my hand at some fan art, just for the occasion, yay!).

See my original post right here and my review for the Iron King here.


(And as a departing note, man, my fingers as freezing. They're so cold and pale you could mistake them for a corpse. Yeah, really. So, ouch, my poor fingers, this post was hard to write. But GO ASH!).

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