Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My unexplained absence...

...would be due to the rather unexpected and sudden arrival of two new family members! Within 24 hours I found and bought a horse...and my sister a puppy!

Meet my new sweetheart, Sparkle...
And my sister's baby papillion puppy, Charlie!
Needless to say, our house is now the "mad house", LOL. Organising everything and everyone has been hard and my poor best friend, aka the blog, has been forgotten admist these events! :-D

Posting will return to normal tomorrow...but someone should really remind me or I might forget to log on, haha!

Emma :)


Nomes (inkcrush) said...

congrats on your new horse and your sister papillon.

i've missed you! i was only thinking about you and your crazy cool blog yeaterday


Emma Kate "Coops" @ Whats Cracking Coops said...

Hahaha, thank you Nomes!!! I've missed you too! Ack, haven't had a chance to get back onto AbsoluteWrite yet...but I WILL! When this puppy stops whining for food - LOL!!!