Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Your Marks...Get Set...MOCKINGJAY!

Ok, so I haven't read this highly esteemed series that has the entire world of YA book bloggers up in arms. But, I did buy the first book today. Are you proud of me? *grins*

So if its not the fact there was no ARC's, or that the excitement almost killed you, it could be the fact that the book blogging universe is kind of resembling this tune... "Here a spoiler, there a spoiler, everywhere a spoiler".

If you've been bothered by this parade of spoilers, check out this fabulous post by Kiersten White (author of Paranormalcy!). It'll have you gulping down a chill pill and breathing properly again after the release of one of the most anticipated YA books this year. :-)

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brave chickens said...

My blog feed has so many posts about 'Mockingjay'. Since I haven't read the series either, I just couldn't understand why the YA lot blogosphere is so excited.
Nice to know I'm not the only one! :)