Friday, October 8, 2010

Coops Cover Craves

Release Date; 3rd May 2011
 This is a recently revealed cover! It is the epitome of cute and the lighting is all warm and fuzzy. Going to pick this book up, for sure! (I know, I judge books by their covers WAY too much!) :-P

Release Date; January 4th 2011
I quite like this cover! Very moody and mysterious...I love the swirling mist/smoke around her hands. I don't get the significance of the deer...but haven't read the first book either :-P Very nice cover!

And possibly the best cover of all time...

Available NOW!
I love, love, love this cover and I love this series and Clockwork Angel even more. I shouldn't have to explain why this cover is just awesome...girls, just look at it! :-P

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~ Coops

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Novels On The Run said...

I adore the Mortal Instruments series and the covers are just brilliant. I think cassandra got soooo lucky with the publishers choosing this artist/designer as just brilliant. i have read them all including Clockwork Angel and I am currently pushing the books onto my friends.

have a good one:D