Friday, November 5, 2010

Coops Cover Craves

Wooo, it's contemporary YA week this week! There are some stunning covers being produced to upcoming YA novels and I absolutely love sharing them! Oh, and on a totally unrelated note, my google reader has 1000+ unread posts. Gah. Daunting much? SO close to clicking the "mark all as read" button...but I don't want to miss an exciting new cover or release details! Such is life as a blogger, I suppose! Enjoy! :-)
Release; Dec 1st 2010
Okay, this cover is clever! I love those kinds of artworks where you snap your fingers and think, "Dang, I wish I'd thought of that!" It's simple, eye-catching and you can figure a bit out about the plot just by looking at the cover. That's when you know the designers have nailed it :-)

Release; Dec 21st 2010
I love the moody, warm colours on this artwork. The photographs in the background are an intriguing element and I'm left curious about the novel. There's not a lot happening in the image, but the hanging photos and the bowed head speak loudly.

Release; June 21st 2011
It'll be a long wait until this beautifully covered book hits the shelves. Suzenne recently revealed the cover to her upcoming novel, "A Need So Beautiful". Beautiful doesn't even cover it. It's striking, warm and somehow heavenly...

~ Coops


Maidenveil said...

emma_kate!! love your choices. A need so beautiful, has a lovely cover. but i love fall for anything's moody cover. :)

Anonymous said...

Love all three of these, especially the second one. Dying to read all of them.