Saturday, September 11, 2010

Announcing... "Tempest" by Becca Fitzpatrick!

Yeah, yeah, I know everyone isn't crash-hot on this series, but I am, so I get to share my exciment for a second! :-)

Becca Fitzpatrick has just announced that there WILL be a third book in the Hush, Hush series! Up until this point, bloggers with ARC copies of Crescendo finished most of their reviews (if they were positive) with "Can't wait for book three" or something thereabouts. (And if they were negative...let me just say, you can send that ARC down under if you like! *nudge nudge*) :-D But, the book had not been officially announced until today and Becca has been pretty good at keeping the whole thing under wraps!

If you'd like to read up about the third book, check out Becca's blog post. Exciting news for Hush, Hush fans around the world! (And I can't wait to see another amazing cover!).

In other Hush, Hush news...would you believe that an Australian teen magazine recently featured a full page advert on The Dark Divine in which Becca Fitzpatrick was quoted? But, and here's the catch, they misspelt her name as "Bella Fitzpatrick". Methinks the editting department needs to take their heads out of the Twilight-Pond for a while ;-)

(Coops Cover Craves won't be happening this week...with vet visists, championship show entries and working until 5.30 I just haven't had the chance! But look forward to a super edition next week ;-)).

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Nomes said...

Oh no - how funny (in a tragic kinda way) about the Bella Fitzpatrick thing!

also, i dont like the title Tempest! I dont know why...

I'm going to check out the sequle when it arrives :)