Friday, September 3, 2010

In which I horse is wierd!

I thought that seeing my blog is so thoroughly decorated in horses, that I would share a story about one of my horses. :-)

Bj is one of my best friends (though we currently aren't talking after he refused to come get his feed tonight...I tell you, wierd, right?) and we've grown up together. We did everything - dressage (Bj hated), Jumping (could hardly get his big butt over the fences), natural horsemanship (he fell asleep through most of that), showing (he likes being prissy...but only when HE wants to!) - you name it!

Anyway, he's kind of a character. Like, spooks-at-his-own-shadow-but-not-at-rabbits-flying-under-his-feet character. (True story).

And now, I give you the saga of Bj and the Giant Truck and Innocent Cow.

It was one fine day that I was leading my wierd horse down our dirt road. (Don't ask why, I don't even know).

The birds are singing, the sun is shining...and this giant semi-trailer comes rolling out of no-where and flying towards us.

(It was 1739202 times bigger than the one in the pic, I promise!!).

Dust is swirling everywhere, my palm is growing sweaty on the lead as I say my last prayers. My last image, I swore, was going to be something like this...

(Yeah, that's my legs...)

But...the bugger didn't blink twice! He just plodded along, yawning and rolling his eyes while I was anticipating WWIII.

I was the one blinking in surprise as the dust settled and cleared after the truck had roared past.

The last particles of dust settled to the ground and then...

Bj flew out from beside me, skittering with splayed legs and snorting like the world was about to end. It took me a solid ten minutes to calm him down, telling him repeatedly to "chill" and patting his neck. Finally, I follow his gaze and see what all the fuss is about...

Yep, a cow was watching us pass, happily munching on grass.

A cow.

A normal, black and white, curious cow.

You'd think the horse hadn't seen a cow before.

That was when I said, loud enough for the whole town to hear, "Are you serious?"

And that was the day I truly realised that there had been some monumental mix-up...and someone had wired my poor horse's brain wrong.

^^ He actually thinks he's a dinosaur. :-P

Have a good night! :-)


Maidenveil said...

Whahahaha! I think I love Bj already! :D

Julie Kagawa said...

Aww, so cute. We should share weird horse stories. Though my old Buckskin was more obnoxious and I-don't-wanna stubborn then weird. :)

-k said...

My racehorses are the same.
Big work backhoe's on the track raising their bucket thing from behind a fence; no problem.
Cows way out in a field while driving them down a seldom-used dirt road; watch out and grab hold.

GABY said...

awww BJ is so cute!! *_*

I once met a horse whose best friend was a goat....weird? xD